Hyatt Lassaline LLP’s Chartered Accountants are committed to providing expert financial information to clients in a swift and proficient manner. Our accountants can assist your business to operate more efficiently on a daily basis as a result of implementing our recommendations of well-organized financial recordkeeping. Hyatt Lassaline LLP, a proactive accounting firm, provides a full range of cost-effective accounting services throughout Windsor-Essex County.


Compilation Engagements

The Chartered Accountants of Hyatt Lassaline LLP accounting firm also provide compilation engagements of annual financial statements for any client that does not require audited or reviewed financial statements. Owner-managers who do not have significant external users of their financial statements still require accurate and informative financial reporting to help manage their business affairs. Compilation engagements provide our clients with the peace of mind that their financial statements have been assembled by a professional accounting firm.

Review Engagements

A review engagement, one of the most common types of financial reporting, uses analytical procedures to provide limited assurance to its readers.

Audit Engagements

At Hyatt Lassaline LLP our team of experienced Chartered Accountants views our role in the financial reporting process as an opportunity to provide constructive solutions for maximizing your enterprise’s profitability and/or efficiency. Audits differ from reviews and compilations, as they are an intensive examination of your enterprise’s systems and records providing the highest level of assurance.

Set-up and Training of Computerized General Ledger

Hyatt Lassaline LLP has a knowledgeable and skilled accounting staff to assist you with the creation of your financial records using popular, computerized accounting software such as QuickBooks, Simply Accounting or Sage ACCPAC. We are available for training clients in Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent and London-Middlesex counties in Southwest Ontario on their selected accounting software and we provide technical support when needed.

In addition, we will provide you with accounting software support and finance-related answers on a day-to-day basis to guarantee you and your business have the expert financial advice you need to enter and maintain accurate computerized accounting records. We have the capabilities to access your records remotely from our office in order to provide you with instantaneous answers to your accounting concerns.

Bookkeeping Services

Successful businesses require strong financial foundations in order to operate efficiently. Hyatt Lassaline LLP will assist your business in becoming highly successful in a competitive business world by providing your company with experienced bookkeeping professionals who will help you organize and maintain your financial records.

Our skilled accounting staff will assist your business with the daily tasks associated with financial bookkeeping. In addition, when appropriate, we will work with your employees to establish a first-rate internal accounting department of your own.