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Ten ways to add value

To some, CAs are dull and colourless, but to SMEs, they are trusted advisers, valuable sources of information and providers of many services. Bland, boring and colourless are just a few of the common stereotypes that spring to mind when describing an accountant. But these arejust urban myths. In the small and medium enterprise (SME) world, the accountant holds the status of a hero, one who fights for entrepreneurs against the multiheaded monsters of fiscality, government regulation and foreign competition.  Read full article >

Tax simplification

What exactly is tax simplification? How can it be achieved? The ongoing debate among Canadians has yet to produce tangible results. It is appealing to call for drastic measures to streamline Canada’s tax system and remove the complexity and resulting compliance burden. However, is this really feasible in a complex, modern economy like Canada’s?  Read full article >

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