Not-for-Profit Organizations

Charities and not-for-profit organizations play a vital role in Canadian society. Most Canadians have likely engaged with a charity or not-for-profit at some point in their lives and many engage with them daily. With Canada’s not-for-profit and voluntary sector being the 2nd largest in the world, it’s important for these organizations to find an accounting firm that shares their vision and can ensure the continuity of their organization over time.

Our team of professionals are ready to help you navigate through your sector issues and practices. Whether it’s accounting guidance, auditing or consulting, our team closely monitors news and government updates on federal policies, regulations and guidelines that might impact the not-for-profit sector.

We can help you become a more accountable advocate for your organization and ensure that all your reporting requirements are met. Let us provide you with the tools to help your organization build stronger communities through accounting guidance.

Our commitment is to you. Let us share with you our knowledge, passion and vision.



Sherry Kelly, CPA, CA.

Your not-for-profit organization contact.