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Take Action to Solve Business Anxiety

Take Action to Solve Business Anxiety

Take action to relieve business stress - Hyatt Lassaline Windsor OntarioJust thinking about problems in your business won’t solve them. The key to alleviate the stress faced by many business owners is to take action.

Here are a few examples:

If you’re frustrated with clients that are slow to pay you, pick up the phone and ask them if they’ve had any problems with the product or service delivery. Ask if they remember the agreed upon payment terms. Then ask them to pay the bill.

If you’re stuck looking for a new promotion, ask for your employees’, customers’ or spouse’s input. They might have a unique perspective to improve sales, you just have to take action and ask them.

If your employees are having productivity problems, jump in right beside them and help them do their job. Jump in the truck with the drivers, pull up a chair at the desk or join them on the work site. Get out there and shake things up a bit. Their productivity will improve and your stress level will decrease.

If you’re constantly irritated by a messy desk or an organized file – clean it up, right then and there. The odds are it will only take a few minutes of your time and that stressful annoyance will be gone.

If you feel you never have enough time, review your ‘to do list’, pick two things you know aren’t going to do – and just cross them off. Forget them or delegate them. Then choose two items that will take 5 minutes or less to complete – and do those.

The key in all the above examples is to take action to alleviate the stressors in your business life.

If you have any tips or tricks, please leave a comment!

The Importance of First Impressions

The Importance of First Impressions

Are there areas of your business that are a little less than 100%? If we are focused on growing a business and besting the competition, we have to ensure that we are covering the basics -so let’s start with first impressions.

Potential customers may quickly make a purchase decision from your business, based on the following first impressions:

  • Hyatt - Lassaline - The Importance of First Impressions - Business TipsIs the exterior of the business neat and tidy?
  • Are the customers greeted in a friendly manner?
  • Are the trucks clean?
  • Do the employees have a nice and clean appearance?
  • Are the bathrooms clean?
  • Are the employees focused on business or on personal matters?

First impressions can make all the difference and just might be the deciding factor in a purchase or establishing loyalty with your business.

The Importance of Mutual Respect in the Workplace

The Importance of Mutual Respect in the Workplace

Most business owners feel that the most important thing to their employees is money. Have you as a business owner ever asked your employees what is important to them in the workplace?

If you survey the employees of any business and ask them to rank what is important to them,  ‘Respect’ always ranks higher than ‘Money’. In fact, with the surveys we’ve done, ‘Money’ usually ranks third or fourth.

Many business owners feel, ‘Why should I give respect when I don’t get any back?’ If this is your sentiment, then it proves that a lack of respect does exist in your business.

Mutual respect in the workplace is valuable and free Hyatt LassalineThe solution is mutual respect – The business owner and managers respect the employees and the employees respect the owners and managers. Leadership starts at the top and therefore respect improvement programs must begin with the leadership. The desire for mutual respect should be genuine, transparent and consistent to be effective.

Consider the following communication:

“Hi everyone, as the owner of this business I would like to behave respectfully in all my interactions. I welcome your feedback on this topic. In return, I ask each of you to also act respectfully. Does that sound fair to everyone?”

How can mutual respect be demonstrated?

  •          Truly listen to your employees and act upon their suggestions or opinions whenever able to do so.
  •          Give praise directly and in a timely fashion for a job well done.
  •          Share with your employees the goals of the business and endeavor to understand their personal and professional goals.
  •          Confirm the employee’s role in the success of the business.

The bonus benefit of establishing respect in the workplace is that it’s free to give and to your employees, it’s more valuable than money.

Are Your Employees Equipped For Productivity?

Are Your Employees Equipped For Productivity?

One of my favourite expressions is, “You need to spend a quarter to make a dollar”. This is very true when it comes to equipping your employees to be productive. Here are some real life situations I have experienced as a small business advisor:

Equip your employees with the right tools to increase productivity - Accountants Windsor OntarioProblem #1 – Two work crews but only one saw – Every morning before each crew went in different directions there was a discussion to determine who needed the saw most. One crew had lost the second saw and the owner did not want to pay for another. In fact, there were quite a few tools and basic equipment that were lost. From a financial standpoint the payroll for the two crews was about $200 per hour. The new saw cost less than $200.

The solution – I convinced the owner to restock the crews with everything they needed at a cost of around $1,000. We then set up a $500 tool fund. If the crew lost or broke a tool it was replaced and paid for from the tool fund cash. If at the end of the season they didn’t spend all of the money, the crew got to keep the remainder of the tool fund cash.

Problem #2 – Employees sharing computers – The  version of the software program that three employees used  was only licensed for one user and wasn’t set up to run on a network. The employees took turns using the computer which was located in an inconvenient place for two of them. From a financial standpoint, the three employees produced a total revenue of $210 per hour when productive.

The solution – We determined productivity would increase at least an hour a day with two new computers added. On an annual basis that’s $52,500 more revenue! That is a good return for roughly a $3,000 investment in two computers networked together and 2 more users on the license. (We didn’t even calculate the uplift from much happier employees!)

In both of the above examples, by spending a quarter, the business made far more than a dollar!

My suggestion is to talk to your teams about what tools they need to be more productive. When you evaluate the investment, calculate the value of the lost revenues from downtime and the payroll costs of unproductive employees, I suspect every business has an opportunity to spend a quarter to make a dollar.