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Find Time to Work ON Your Business

Find Time to Work ON Your Business

Find the time to work ON your business - Hyatt Lassaline Windsor OntarioMany business owners spend more time planning for their vacation than they do planning for the future of their business!

Often we’re so caught up in managing the day to day activities of working ‘in’ our business that we neglect working ‘on’ our business.

We know that we should be streamlining our business systems, developing customer relationship strategies and focusing on innovation (just to name a few!), but who has the time?

Here are some tips to help you find the time to work ON your business.

Make a Don’t Do List – Start with tasks that are easy to delegate – then delegate them! Some of these tasks might be enjoyable to you (like getting coffee), but if you’re serious about finding extra time to work on your business for freedom and profit, then the sacrifice should be well worth it.

Ask Permission for Planning Time – Often as business owners we’re used to being pulled in many different directions and are overwhelmed with interruptions. If we simply ask to work undisturbed employees and other interrupters of your time will learn to be more independent – leaving you time to work on your business. Set aside dedicated time every week to plan for your business’s future.

Spend Time Away from the Business to Plan and Brainstorm – Taking time away from your business in a relaxing environment is the perfect place to re-energize, refocus and work on your business strategy. Work with your tax advisor to be certain that your business planning retreat can be written off as a business expense.

Spending focused time regularly working on your business will have immediate and long lasting benefits, so don’t put if off any longer – commit to working on your business today.

Communication is Everything

Communication is Everything

Communication is everything in business - Hyatt Lassaline Windsor OntFor a successful business, communication is everything.

Would you like to learn simple ways to improve workplace communications in a few minutes a week?

Here’s how it works: Leave your email address and the Improving Business Communications series will begin immediately.

The information will be emailed to you every four days for 3 weeks.

It’s fast and effective. The series will help reduce your stress and strengthen your team.

Take Action to Solve Business Anxiety

Take Action to Solve Business Anxiety

Take action to relieve business stress - Hyatt Lassaline Windsor OntarioJust thinking about problems in your business won’t solve them. The key to alleviate the stress faced by many business owners is to take action.

Here are a few examples:

If you’re frustrated with clients that are slow to pay you, pick up the phone and ask them if they’ve had any problems with the product or service delivery. Ask if they remember the agreed upon payment terms. Then ask them to pay the bill.

If you’re stuck looking for a new promotion, ask for your employees’, customers’ or spouse’s input. They might have a unique perspective to improve sales, you just have to take action and ask them.

If your employees are having productivity problems, jump in right beside them and help them do their job. Jump in the truck with the drivers, pull up a chair at the desk or join them on the work site. Get out there and shake things up a bit. Their productivity will improve and your stress level will decrease.

If you’re constantly irritated by a messy desk or an organized file – clean it up, right then and there. The odds are it will only take a few minutes of your time and that stressful annoyance will be gone.

If you feel you never have enough time, review your ‘to do list’, pick two things you know aren’t going to do – and just cross them off. Forget them or delegate them. Then choose two items that will take 5 minutes or less to complete – and do those.

The key in all the above examples is to take action to alleviate the stressors in your business life.

If you have any tips or tricks, please leave a comment!

Is it Time to ‘Rent Some Brains’?

Is it Time to ‘Rent Some Brains’?

To be successful in business you need to be smart in many skills pertaining to different professions. A little tax knowledge, some legal skills, website design and auto mechanics are just a few. The saying, “jack of all trades, master of none” can certainly be true.

To learn new skill takes a serious investment of time – often inefficient time. If you happen to have a lot of spare time, a trip to law school could come in handy for your business. For the rest of us, it is worthwhile to consider when it may be best to ‘rent the brains’ you need.

Business owners don't have time to learn new skills - time to hire outTry to think critically about what is the most efficient use of your time as a small business owner. If you spend your most productive time working efficiently at what you do best, then you will be better able to pay someone else to perform the job you can’t.

One of the most important parts of ‘brain rental’ is communication. If you’ve had business challenges dealing with other professionals in the past, was the issue communication? If you’re going to invest some time in getting smarter, I strongly recommend you invest the time making sure the communication lines are open and the project is clearly understood.

I would never discourage the lifetime of learning opportunities, but sometimes we don’t have the time to obtain a new skill. Renting the brains can save time and money in the long run.